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Cheapoair is a very poorly run, outsourced company. They have hidden charges and ticket verification processes that will cost you hours of extra time and money.

Use some other online company when booking travel. I made a reservation to Asia and then they required me to call them and verify the purchase. I was on hold for 81 minutes then passed on to another person for whom I was on hold another 21 minutes. After that they informed me that I had to purchase paper tickets at a price of $14 to cover the FEDEX charges.

Then the tickets never arrived!!!

Now, I'm waiting on their ridiculous customer service line to ask where my paper tickets are. I've been on hold for 75 minutes and counting. When I do get through it will be an outsourced customer service representative with very heavily accented English, who may actually understand what I'm saying.

I just can't wait (sarcasm intended)! :(

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