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To start off with, I went online looking for a cheap airline ticket to San francisco. Next thing I know, my bank account is overdrawn because my account has been charged by Fareportal, Inc.

which is the mother corporation to Cheapoair. I called the bank and had to *** work to fix things because they charged my account $187.87 for a reservation I never made...and not to San Washington State. I am 28 years old and only know one person in Washington state and don't think I would ever visit them to say the least. The bank shredded my atm card, I had to fill out a fraud report and am still waiting to receive my new one in the mail.

How inconvenient!!!

Cheapoair has called my cell number a minimum of 8 times or more offering a $100 credit if I will cancel a flight plan I never made and to say the least, I will not cooperate with their ploys to get me to cancel a reservation that I never made. Everyone needs to watch out because it will ask you to put in your card info and billing info to fully check flights and then email you like spam 40-50 times. I called the bank and they gave me my money back and the overdraft charges I ended up paying and even said they would fight the company to get the money back.

Don't be fooled by this company...they are ***-artists. I'm lucky to have a good hometown bank that can help, but not everyone is as the other reviews on here and you'll see what I mean. To say the least, I have contacted the corporate office at: Fareportal Inc., 213 West 35th Street suite 1301, New York, NY 10001 fax 212-478-0325, have also contacted the New York State Attorney General's Office, the Better Business Bureau, the FTC, and am thinking of posting a youtube video about this rip off company.

I'm barely making my bills with my job and just can't afford to have companies ripping me off....I hope you guys reading this will take this to mind when even considering cheapoair. Thanks for reading my review....if you want to contact me for questions about this, my name is Jason and my cell number is 254-449-3090 and my email is or

Monetary Loss: $178.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #678635

I have credit with them and im trying to use it and they wont let me. ive been on hold for 2 days- its too late to take my trip- everyone is located in an indian call center and i dont know what to do- ive been disconneced 18 times- i want to sue them. this is crazy


Actually.....if you really want to bark up that tree, my boyfriend was dying of cancer and hospice was about to move in....I wanted to be with him before he passed away on April 16th 2012. His name is Rafael Raul Valadez the third.....look it up ***.

I can be reached at 760 413 0645.

Or the email addresses already given above. Next time you have a wise *** comment, check your facts.


Cry baby who went shopping using a credit card, authorized the use of said card, and then got buyers remorse, and wanted to cancel with no penalties. Hey Duh?

why didnt you fly to SFO for $187.00? sounds good to me!!!

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